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Take a moment to think about what the earth really means to us. The soil which grows our food, the forests which help us breath and the sky which makes us dream.

Grow-Mate is driven by our dedication to preserve the beauty of our planet, which is reflected in our product range. Our all-natural integrated plant nutrients, aim to help growers adopt sustainable and natural practices in their gardens and allotments, keeping the integrity of the soil and environment intact.

We believe in growing food while
maintaining the integrity of the soil.


The great revolution of the 21st century will happen in the field of biology – and by extension, in ecology. Every day, new and unthought relations are discovered among living things, forming a wide web of life that encompasses the entire globe.

Agriculture, from its smallest scale in home gardens to the largest commercial farms, is in the middle of this revolution. Daily we also discover how, like human food, plant food comes in many degrees of quality. From the cheapest inorganic chemicals to the highest quality, matured organic fertilizers, scientists and growers around the world are increasingly understanding that what feeds the plants will ultimately feed the world. What might seem cheaper turns out to be costlier in the long run, both for the health of human beings and of the environment, and what seems comparatively expensive turns out to be incredibly worth its price. If your goal is to build an agricultural enterprise that is both economically and ecologically sustainable in the long run, and to adopt organic practices as the means to farm for the future, you’re in the right place. Here at GrowMate we strive to provide the best organic fertilisers for the growers that embrace, before it happens, the upcoming green revolution.

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