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Naturally sourced nutrients to deliver a big harvest


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Root Enhancers

Help your plants develop stronger, larger, healthier roots with the aid of our selection of root enhancers. Produced using only naturally sourced, non-GMO nutrients that are extracted from vegetal sources, our root enhancers come packed with mycorrhizal fungi and a host of other beneficial microorganisms (including several strains of bacteria specifically selected to serve as plant probiotics) that improve germination rate, absorption of nutrients and resistance to the stress of changing environmental conditions.

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basket of harvested carrots, cucumbers, beets, leafy vegetables, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron, molybdenum, chlorine, nickel, beneficial bacteria, mycorrhizae, trichoderma, fungi, spores, propagules


Pause and reflect on the significance of the Earth—the soil nurturing our food, the forests providing oxygen, and the sky inspiring our dreams.

At Grow-Mate, we're committed to preserving our planet's beauty. Our all-natural plant nutrients promote sustainable gardening, maintaining soil and environmental integrity.

Direct-fed Microbials (DFM)

DFM for Aquaculture

Beneficial microorganisms introduced into aquatic environments to enhance water quality, support the health of aquatic organisms, and improve overall aquaculture productivity and sustainability

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We believe in growing food while maintaining the integrity of the soil

Why Use Organic Fertilisers

The 21st-century revolution is unfolding in biology, particularly in ecology. Daily, new interconnections among living organisms are discovered, creating a vast global web of life.

Agriculture, from home gardens to commercial farms, is at the heart of this revolution. As we explore the varying quality of plant food, from inexpensive inorganic chemicals to premium organic fertilizers, the world is realizing that nourishing plants is synonymous with feeding the world. The seemingly cheaper options prove costlier in the long run for human and environmental health, while seemingly expensive choices are invaluable. For those aiming for an economically and ecologically sustainable agricultural future through organic practices, GrowMate is your ideal partner. Join us in anticipating and embracing the forthcoming green revolution with our top-notch organic fertilizers.

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Summer vibes at the organic farm: basking in the sunny fields of colorful flowers, earthworms, soil amendments, microbial diversity, cover crops, beneficial fungi, soil testing, organic fertilizers, pest management, crop diversity, no-till farming


"Can’t believe the difference in the strength of my seedlings with this in the compost. My tomato plants are double the size of my mum's and we planted them at the same time. Expensive product but well worth the results"

(RootMax Powder)