Add Life - Organic Plant Feed containing Mycorrhiza

  • IMPROVES STRESS TOLERANCE DURING TRANSPLANTING - Will reduce the risk of transplanting, by strengthening the plants from the root up
  • REJUVENATE & REVIVE DYING PLANTS - Increases secretion of plant growth hormones and regulators, reviving and rejuvenating the most unhealthy and dying plants
  • NATURAL NPK FIXER - Meets the nitrogen need of the plant by providing atmospheric nitrogen fixation. Fixes phosphorus and potassium salts in the soil.
  • 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC - ADD LIFE contains Mycorrhiza and several beneficial bacterias, which is 100% natural and organic containing absolutely zero synthetic nutrients. ADD LIFE reduces the need for additional plant food by the plant.
  • IMPROVES SOIL FERTILITY- Provide aeration of the soil and increases its water holding capacity


ADD LIFE is a power feed for ALL types of gardens, greenhouses, flowering plants, lawns, trees, shrubs and edibles. It is based on selective strains of nitrogen fixing bacterias, along with the magic of mycorrhiza and all essential nutrients, making it a super food to revive and rejuvenate your favorite plants.


✅ Liquid ✅ Water Soluble
✅Highly Concentrated 1:200 ppm
✅100% Natural & Organic
✅ All Edibles, Fruits, Trees, Shrubs, Flowers, Lawn, Roses ✅Indoor & Outdoor Plants

How to Use

Early growth, seedlings onwards - Mix 5ml (1 tsp) of ADD LIFE to each litre of water. Apply to the plants once every 2 weeks.
Flowering and Fruiting - When fruits begin to appear - Mix 10ml (2 tsp) of ADD LIFE to each litre of water.

Apply to plants once once every 2 weeks.


ADD LIFE contains NPK, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphate, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Silica, Mycorrhiza, Azotobacter Chroococcum, Acetobacter Aurantius, Paenibacillus Mucilaginosus, Bacillus Megaterium, Streptomyces Gelaticus, Ensifer Meliloti and Pseudomonas Striata.

Legal Disclaimer

For agriculture and gardening purpose only. Not for human consumption. Do not inhale or injest.