WinterFeed Organic Lawn Feed


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  • IMPROVE STRESS TOLERANCE - WinterFeed improves stress tolerance caused due to cold-climate
  • IMPROVE SOIL FERTILITY - WinterFeed significantly improves the soil fertility on which the grass grows, resulting in better rootgrow
  • PACKED WITH ACCESSIBLE NITROGEN - The primary food for any plant is Nitrogen. WinterFeed is very high on accessible nitrogen, resulting in feeding the lawn even during cold climate.
  • ENHANCED WITH BIO-STIMULANTS & ESSENTIAL VITAMINS - WinterFeed will not just provide the plant macros but also feed the plant with essential Vitamins which it is unable to access during the winter
  • LAWN WINTERISER - WinterFeed effectively plays the role of a Lawn Winteriser, ensuring a healthy green lawn even during the cold climate


WINTER FEED is a cold climate fertiliser for lawns and indoor non blooming plants. It contains high Nitrogen content for crops to maintain a healthy foliage even during winters . It's a high nutrient package derived from seaweed, humid acid and molasses and is enriched with essential vitamins.


✅ Liquid ✅ Water Soluble
✅100% Natural & Organic
✅ For Lawns

How to Use

Shake the bottle well before use. This feed should be mixed with clean water in a plastic container and mixed thoroughly before applying to the plants. Best applied as a foliar spray during early morning or late afternoon.

Lawn Size ----------- Product Qty---------Water
700 sq ft -------------------250ml ---------------15L
1250 sq ft -----------------500ml-----------------25L
2500 sq ft -------------------- 1L------------------50L


ADD LIFE contains NPK, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphate, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Silica, Mycorrhiza, Azotobacter Chroococcum, Acetobacter Aurantius, Paenibacillus Mucilaginosus, Bacillus Megaterium, Streptomyces Gelaticus, Ensifer Meliloti and Pseudomonas Striata.

Legal Disclaimer

For agriculture and gardening purpose only. Not for human consumption. Do not inhale or injest.